Student Life

Student Life

Here you will find everything you need to know about being a James Dixon pupil. 

As a pupil at James Dixon you should expect to feel safe and valued whilst enjoying a diverse and creative curriculum. The curriculum at James Dixon is delivered in a fun and engaging way that allows all pupils to achieve. Through collaborative learning you have the opportunity to work together to solve problems, complete tasks and learn new skills. 

A fan of being creative and artistic? At James Dixon we pride ourselves on being an Arts Mark Gold school, it is an extremely creative place where there are many ways to express yourself. 

Ever wanted to learn a musical instrument? At James Dixon there are a range of opportunities for you to embrace your inner musician, including joining our awarding winning Steel Pan Band! Throughout the year, there are a number of performances and events that all pupils are able to participate in.

Wait until you see the fabulous outside space, where you can explore nature, grow plants in the school garden, be adventurous and take risks in Forest school. Whatever we can do indoors, we can do outdoors in our amazing grounds!

Don’t believe me? Here’s what our pupils say: …

“I love forest school. I get to climb trees and cook on a fire!” Year 2
“At James Dixon, I can be myself because that’s my superpower!” Year 3
“Wherever you are in our school, you can hear the best steel pan band in the world!” Year 5