“To learn to read is to light a fire”Victor Hugo Les Miserables

This ethos is at the heart of our approach to reading at James Dixon. Reading opens children’s eyes to the world, it takes them to new places and enables them to access a lifetime of learning.Reading at James Dixon is taught in Phonics sessions, Guided Reading lessons and embedded across our curriculum . The skills of reading are modelled in quality, daily guided reading  lessons and phonics sessions where children are given opportunities to read aloud and decode a wide range of texts. Our aim is to develop a love of reading which should last a lifetime, so teachers here at James Dixon teachers select high quality, inclusive class texts that accompany our topics. Within creative curriculum and English lessons these class texts are used to inspire writing and learning.

Reading for pleasure is timetabled and opportunities to celebrate reading take place within World Book Week and sharing stories from the vibrant range of cultures reflected in our school community during Diversity Week . As educators we value the importance of reading at home and reading records and programmes such as Bug Club enable parents to share the quality reading which takes place at home with staff. Our aim is to develop a love of books which will enable children to develop a passion for reading for pleasure which lasts a lifetime.