EYFS- Early Years Foundstation Stage

At James Dixon Primary School, our intention is to make every child’s very first experiences of school happy and meaningful. We place great emphasis on making our EYFS classrooms a place where children feel safe, valued and motivated to learn. We want children to be excited about coming to school and, for that love of learning, to stay with them throughout their school journey. Our highly skilled practitioners recognise the many different ways in which adults can help young children learn. Through the use of quality interactions, children are encouraged to develop and explore ideas, extend their language, knowledge and understanding and see themselves as valued individuals. 


Our knowledge-based curriculum is tailored to the needs of all the children in our diverse school community. We recognise and celebrate that each child is unique and has different strengths, interests, prior experiences. 


We ensure our curriculum provides children with opportunities to gain foundational skills and knowledge that will later be enhanced and embedded in Key Stage One and beyond.  


In our EYFS classes, our intent is to create an atmosphere where children are relaxed and at ease with the adults, where there is a balance between child-led and focussed activities.