EYFS- Early Years Foundstation Stage

At James Dixon Primary we aim to embrace young children’s learning through curiosity and play, as we believe that, for the children in our community, there are no limits on what they can achieve in their lives when they build upon a strong foundation of inspired teaching and a strong home-school partnership. We use highly skilled practitioners who recognise the many different ways in which adults can help young children learn; this includes the use of quality interactions, observing and noticing children’s interests and responding in a variety of ways. Our creative curriculum is interwoven through the Early Years Foundation Stage providing a stimulating, engaging and inspiring learning environment with many opportunities for adult-led and child-led activities. We aim to nurture knowledge, creativity, kindness, wisdom, critical thinking, empathy and many more of the skills and values that will allow young children to develop and flourish as learners. 

We recognise that for the children to meet the Early Learning Goals the teachers need to plan sequenced and discreet lessons in Phonics and Number. The teachers use their knowledge to deliver systematic synthetic phonics following the Little Wandle scheme of learning and there are plenty of opportunities for the children to revisit their learning through play. For Number the teachers plan engaging lessons following the White Rose Maths scheme which enables the children to develop their knowledge of number, numerical patterns and shape, space and measure. The children are provided with many opportunities to engage, explore and discover number and shape in real life contexts.